Mikro’s Motor Protection Relay is an ideal solution to problems requiring more versatile or accurate protection for a motor than can be provided by standard thermal overload relays. The Motor Protection Relay offers comprehensive protection and control solutions for small three phase motors. The unit’s thermal capacity memory monitors the motor current and compares the data, in real time, to the known thermal record of the motor, and trips when the limit of the motor is exceeded.


Key Benefits

  • Improved protection sensitivity through a flexible and powerful thermal model including Standard Overload curves
  • Simple programming
  • Extends lifetime of motor
  • Protects the drive from mechanical damage



  • Water pump protection enabling superior waste water management
  • Suitable for general industrial use
  • Protection and control of small to medium three phase induction motors of most popular construction types



Ordering Information 




For 50Hz system, auxiliary voltage 85 ~ 265 V AC or 110 ~ 370 V DC


Mikro’s metering solution provides user with the choice of measurements of various parameters in the electrical system. It includes measurements such as voltage, frequency, current, energy (kWh, kVARh&kVAh) and power (apparent, active & reactive).