Mikro’s capacitor operates within a cylindrical aluminium case, designed for power factor correction in low-voltage applications such as motors, transformers, generators and supply cables. The cylindrical shape improves thermal response and simplifies installation while the capacitor itself is manufactured using metallised polypropylene film as the dielectric.

Mikro’s Antiresonance Reactor functions by detuning the resonance that occurs when harmonics interact with the power factor corrector capacitor. This essential partner to the Mikro capacitor negates the resonance which could otherwise cause excessive voltage and current, leading to damage in the operational capability of the power factor capacitor.


Key Benefits - Capacitor


  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminium case
  • Long life expectancy
  • Has the ability to withstand high pulse current
  • Maintenance free


Key Benefits - Reactor


  • Avoids resonance conditions
  • Reduces harmonic distortion
  • Reduces power losses
  • High harmonic load capacity
  • Leads to low losses
  • Has a high linearity to avoid choke tilt
  • Convenient mounting points
  • Long expected lifespan
  • Temperature protection


Applications - Capacitor


  • Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks
  • Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, transformers, lighting)
  • Group fixed PFC
  • Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
  • Filter applications
  • Dynamic PFC


Applications - Reactor


  • Detuned harmonic filters



Ordering Information - Capacitor

Dry Type Capacitor

Oil Type Capacitor

Mikro’s metering solution provides user with the choice of measurements of various parameters in the electrical system. It includes measurements such as voltage, frequency, current, energy (kWh, kVARh&kVAh) and power (apparent, active & reactive).


Ordering Information - Reactor