We have developed a self-contained, self-sufficient operation which allows us to pass savings on to our end customers. It's a simple yet effective business model.

Wong Yin Wah, Executive Director




Mikro operates from a modern, 15,000 square feet complex in close proximity to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia's major international airport, KLIA. The site is home to both our R&D lab and manufacturing plant which has a production capacity of over 16,000 units per month.

We use a variety of machinery in the production of our electrical distribution equipment, including:

  • Tamura TAP30-438EME Re-Flow Oven
  • Tamura HC33-30SSF Wave Soldering Machine
  • Tamura TAF40-12F Spray Fluxer Machine
  • Omicron CMC156 Current Injectors
  • Sveker 750 Current Injectors
  • SMT Mounter Machines KE760 Juki